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Moonshadow map by fredoric1001 Moonshadow map by fredoric1001
This a map which show the realm of the Daedric Princess Azura, godess of Dusk and Dawn.
(Version Française :…)

So this map is to be considerate as a fan-art and all the lore aspect i will explain bellow as fan-fiction, but I tried to respect the TES lore, and create something coherent.
I admit the following postulate : if a Daedric lord as Sheoggorath could rule his realm like a kingdom and have citizen, why not Azura ? She is known as a "good" daedra, so let me explain how i see her Realm :

The realm of Azura is populated by mainly three races, Dunmers, Khajiits, and Ayleids/Aldmers, and some daedric races : Dremoras and Winged Twighlights
The realm is full of colored flowers, from the tropical islands to the cold mountains, there are flowers everywere.

The East of the realm reflect the Dawn aspect of Azura, with a sunny archipelago, and flowered plains on the central-west part of main island.
The West region (West coast of the main island  and isles) reflect the Dusk aspect, with cold colored flowers, mountains and deep forest/marsh.

Let's talk about the cities and the lore/fan-fiction aspect of my map :

- Alt'Fal (eleven : High-snow) : the main city of the Aldmers, built in the Ayleid style, on the side of the oldest mountain of the realm.
    - Sinople : an Ayleid town in a mix forest (conifers and broadleaf trees) built in a modern version of the ayleid style.
    - Galanthus : an Ayleid town in a coniferus fjord built in a modern version of the ayleid style.

- Ald'Sadrith (elven : Old Mushroom) : The main city of the Dunmers. Despite there is no dunmer houses in Azura's realm, the main building is an Old Mushroom in the Telvanni architectural style, built when Dunmers were Chimer, even before St Veloth migration. Other buildings are more in a primitiv Indoril style.
    - Sombog : a dunmer town on the edge of the Colored Marsh. You will see some argonians which gives their soul to Azura. But their is no Hist in Moonshadow, instead, Azura made grow in the marsh not far away a giant conscious Rose, wich reflect Azura's will, which acts for an Hist to the argonians.
    - Dun Oad : a Dunmer fishermen town near to the see.

- Raytiir : (wordplay => Right Here) : The main city of the Kajiits. In the Khajiits myths, Azura is the mother of the Khajiits. If Elsweyr is a foreign territory (Elsewere), i assumed that they should be a "Right Here" somewere, which is the first home of the Khajiits, and there it is XD !! It is a city in the ancient Khajiit architectural style, on the central island of the Khajiit Archipelago.
    -> Albatroz : An old Khajiit town with the Moon Temple. Despite there are no Jone and Jode (Masser and Secunda) in Azuras realm, it is the alternance of Dawn and Dusk which fix the Khajiits forms at birth.
    -> Heliode : An old Khajiit town with the Sun Temple.

- AZURIEL (contraction of "Azura" and the elfic word "riel" ~ heart) : Main city of the whole realm with five district, one for each of the three main races, a foreig distric with some ohter tamrielic races like bretons, all four set around the district of the crystal palace of The Godess Azura. the city is built in a central position in the flowered plains
    -> Avarana (elven :  Av = from and Arana = Queen) : Deadric town setlled mainly with Winged Twighlights, and built near to the ruins of the first Crystal palace, destroyed in a ancient war that only Azura can remember. The Winged Twighlights build their nest on the remains of the ancient palace (you will also see male Winged Twighlights here). A source of the Waters of Oblivion is in the ruins, and Winged Twighlights water their eggs with it in order to implant a soul.
    -> Ivyink : Deadric town in south part of the floral plains, setlled mainly by Dremoras, a second source of the Waters of Oblivion is here, from where the Dremoras resurect.

PS : I did this using a scan of one of my fisrt map i ever draw (with a pen) almost ten years ago ^^

 -> I used Gimp and Inkscape

Credits : Bethesda Softworks for all the lore aspect ^^

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Sprocketz Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I hadn't read the description or any of the comments yet, and it took me a whole day to realize this was a drawing of a moon and a star. *puts face into hands and sighs deeply*

Wonderful work.
fredoric1001 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017
Thank you for feedback ;) and yes the realm has a "moonstar" shape, a little bit distorded in order to look more "natural"
cbbowling Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2016
Please do one for when Tiber septim founded the empire
ZanseinoTwo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 12, 2016
Absolutely wonderful. Very creative design as always, you've given Moonshadow a more natural look, while retaining the mystical feel of the Daedric realm. Very interesting distinction between the realm's inhabitants as well. I could see something like this appearing as a DLC for a game set in Elsweyr. The map all together reminds me of "Lyithdonea - The Azurian Isles", a mod that adds a tropical archipelago between Tamriel and Akavir, inhabited by the last remnants of the Chimer. While not a Daedric realm, it seems quite similar, being home to a number or races and being heavily influenced by Azura and Daedric imagery. Moonshadow I think would be an interesting place to explore the "politics" of Oblivion.
fredoric1001 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016
Ty for comment
Always nice to have feedback ^^

It's one of my hope concerning TES too, that's one day we will have the opportunity to walk on Moonshadow ;)
Maybe i will try to make other "Oblivion realm" maps, but currently i'm working on updating some of my Tamriel maps ^^

Have a nice day
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